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Never really can fix a heart...
I've already hurt because of you
I would never walk through hell for you
I would let you burn, in the fiery pits of despair and guilt
After all you've made me suffer for
Was it worth your love?
After all this time, what have I gained?
I've gained 30 more scars
And the breaking of my fragile heart.
I've lost my self esteem,
I've lost more than I ever gave you
I gave you that heart of mine
Do you remember?
The one that was beautifully scarred,
The one that had a wooden sign reading "FRAGILE",
I bet you've just forgotten
That that is the heart you almost destroyed
It's no longer whole, it has lost its function
Can't feel, I won't let it. Neither will I trust.
Broken into pieces, of which you lost most of
Three tiny pieces I've found
I'm still trying to fix,
But the pieces will never fit
Cause you never really can fix a heart...
:iconnessie905:Nessie905 12 7
Waiting For the Storm to Pass (Synacky)
The storm clouds are rolling in. The sky is quickly painted a gloomy gray and the far off sounds of thunder bang away like a steadily beating drum. The downplayed rhythmic quality of it makes your heart feel like its in tune with your brain, even if it's only for a little while.
You let your head rest against the cool windowpane watching intently as the first few rain drops patter against the glass. Your eyelids flutter shut as you try to focus in on, let alone grasp some sort of thought but you're so at peace that everything is being leeched away like an absorbing sponge.
And for a moment you wait to land back on earth because you're used to being on the ground not in a stratospheric vertigo that's got everything hazed and fogged, and fuck. You just want to think. You don't ever get the time to and the moment you're left to your own devices it's like you're caught between groaning in frustration and pulling your hair out.
You hit your head once against the glass hoping that it'
:icona7x-patd-fob:a7x-patd-fob 14 4
Family Portrait - Prologue
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, and various other publishers, including, but not limited to Warner Bros., Inc., Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, and Raincoast Books. No copyright infringement is intended and no money made from this fanfic.
Warnings:  mPreg, language, infidelity…adjusted timeline
Harry/Draco - Harry/Ginny - Draco/Astoria – Ron/Hermione and other mentioned.
Summary: They say that love conquers all, but what about those who are left behind to suffer in its wake? Lives are turned upside down as secrets are revealed and truths emerge.
Family Portrait
Prologue – Three Little Words
June 2010
   "I hate you!"
   It was only three little words; three little words which held a powerful punch that went straight through the heart of a father.
   Moments later the thundering sounds of footfalls running up the stairs were heard, followed by the violent slamming of a door that shook the home; rat
:iconinktasticx:Inktasticx 13 5
Undone :5:
"You sure this is a good idea?" Brian whispered nervously into the phone. His best friends wanted to come over for a bit; he'd all but ignored them since Zacky came to live with him. Not that he didn't want them to visit, he'd missed talking to the sons of bitches, but he wasn't sure if Zee was up to it. It had only been a month since he'd moved in and, though he was making a lot of progress, he hadn't made that much progress.
"Brian," Jimmy, the man on the other end of the phone, whined childishly. "It's not like we're going to molest him or do anything we're not supposed to. You should know better than that."
"I know Jam, I know. It's just.."
"You feel protective when it comes to him; don't worry dude, we get it. But you've been stuck in your house with only the kid for company for a month now. A month! We're deprived of our beloved Synyster here!" Brian couldn't help but chuckle at his friend's eccentricity. "And think about it, maybe it'll do him some good. Like I said, it's
:iconforever-free-6661:foREVer-free-6661 11 16




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